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Tetrad Finale

With a bad location and cloud cover hampering my intentions of doing another layered image like THIS which was taken last year but improving on it; that idea did not happen so I just waited out the maximum eclipse and shot away to get the best full view.

Below is a 50% crop of the 27/09/15 Blood Moon Tetrad. 27/09/15 Blood Moon - Maximum Eclipse

Not the commonplace day

Waking up early in the a.m always reveals the day ahead to be one full of discoveries rather than what if’s and missed opportunities.
It’s not too often that you see a hummingbird, let alone a young one that isn’t fully mature. You always make use of what you have, as sometimes you choose to just travel with one lens.

Baby Hummingbird

Luckily, it also happens to be a rather reliable lens for capturing almost anything except a stunning landscape at a moment’s notice – the 50mm f/ 1.8.
Then as you meditate (I’ll just assume you know what I mean here) during your day on the things that matter greatly, you start to get the signs regardless of indirect or its opposite.

fibonacci shell
Fibonacci shell

As always though, appreciate what is given to you and also what you don’t have.
Have you seen any interesting sightings recently when you look into the cosmos? I’ll give you a peep of what I saw; due to only having one lens though I wasn’t able to get the entire scene, but I believe with the coming of this super blood moon coming tomorrow that there will be a lot of seen and unseen happenings out there.

Streaks of glory
Fantail moon

Keep your EYE open, trust me.

Starry Night

So a random trip to an empty area is St. James where there are no interruptions, little sky pollution and absolute quiet produced these…

Milky way Square Format
Milky way Square Format

This one below was a bit challenging as I thought the range of my built in wireless flash would reach the range to fire off my 430ex II from that distance. What a misconception I had. So I had my friend did this instead with my 10 sec open shutter.

Milky Way Lanscape Fun
Milky Way Landscape Fun

And pushing the 60D for the first time to ISO 3200 still gave me satisfying results in capturing this section of the milky way sky at 18mm w/ the Canon 18-55mm IS ( First version ). Not bad for a lousy kit lens and a 5 year old camera body technologically speaking.

Milky Way Sky
Milky Way Sky