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Holder’s Hill Farmer’s Market Highlight (August 2015)

To be honest, this was supposed to be a post about Holder’s Hill Farmer’s Market but I honestly had to change the topic and shortly highlight one guy who stood out to me quite fast upon arriving at the farmer’s market located at Holder’s Hill, St. James.
This is not to say that I completely ignored any other person at the market that day, but this is merely a post highlighting something that everyone should know about.

Chef Derek Went

Here, Mr. Went sells a variety of products; all fresh and organic w/o preservatives as well. And if you look he also has his very own line of seasonings that he sells here (also found in stores like Massy, but obviously not priced at the same markup to sell to you).

_MG_2659 _MG_2657

Also offering herbal teas and blends, you could find a mix for a variety of ailments and conditions. He stocks at his stall goodies such as seasoned coconut slices, breadfruit jerky, coconut flour and other flours that could be used to make dumplings or bread fish or meats if you so desire.

_MG_2656 _MG_2655

Anytime you’re in the area or frequent a farmer’s market, go check him out and I’m 110% convinced regardless of diet preference you’ll find a product that you’d enjoy and love.