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South Coast Collection 2

Hey! It takes me a bit sometimes to get back to a body of work ( especially if I start something else that’s more intriguing ) and I know that isn’t a good thing when it comes to work but here you go.
Part 2 of the South Coast Collection:

For those who haven’t seen Part 1, click HERE.

Sunset Soccer Silhouette (October 2015)

When your instincts/spirit speaks to you, trust and follow.
I was on my way down to Browne’s Beach that evening just for some of that fresh sea air and upon reaching the bottom of Beckles Road lo and behold the sun was huge and about to sit on the horizon. Obviously, as I left home unequipped, this was the shot I missed. Upon receiving that word of advice from my spirit, I took a U-turn on the main road and bolted back home for my camera.
By the time came when I returned the sun was already sitting on the horizon and it wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would’ve been on its own.
Luckily for me that day was a Sunday and the guys on the beach had their usual game of “keep ups” (If you don’t know this is just one or a group of individuals juggling the ball w/ the notion of keeping it off the ground and at the same time it displays the ball handling (control) skill of the players).
It was almost as though the sun aligned itself with these guys for me…

Holder’s Hill Farmer’s Market Highlight (August 2015)

To be honest, this was supposed to be a post about Holder’s Hill Farmer’s Market but I honestly had to change the topic and shortly highlight one guy who stood out to me quite fast upon arriving at the farmer’s market located at Holder’s Hill, St. James.
This is not to say that I completely ignored any other person at the market that day, but this is merely a post highlighting something that everyone should know about.

Chef Derek Went

Here, Mr. Went sells a variety of products; all fresh and organic w/o preservatives as well. And if you look he also has his very own line of seasonings that he sells here (also found in stores like Massy, but obviously not priced at the same markup to sell to you).

_MG_2659 _MG_2657

Also offering herbal teas and blends, you could find a mix for a variety of ailments and conditions. He stocks at his stall goodies such as seasoned coconut slices, breadfruit jerky, coconut flour and other flours that could be used to make dumplings or bread fish or meats if you so desire.

_MG_2656 _MG_2655

Anytime you’re in the area or frequent a farmer’s market, go check him out and I’m 110% convinced regardless of diet preference you’ll find a product that you’d enjoy and love.

Not the commonplace day

Waking up early in the a.m always reveals the day ahead to be one full of discoveries rather than what if’s and missed opportunities.
It’s not too often that you see a hummingbird, let alone a young one that isn’t fully mature. You always make use of what you have, as sometimes you choose to just travel with one lens.

Baby Hummingbird

Luckily, it also happens to be a rather reliable lens for capturing almost anything except a stunning landscape at a moment’s notice – the 50mm f/ 1.8.
Then as you meditate (I’ll just assume you know what I mean here) during your day on the things that matter greatly, you start to get the signs regardless of indirect or its opposite.

fibonacci shell
Fibonacci shell

As always though, appreciate what is given to you and also what you don’t have.
Have you seen any interesting sightings recently when you look into the cosmos? I’ll give you a peep of what I saw; due to only having one lens though I wasn’t able to get the entire scene, but I believe with the coming of this super blood moon coming tomorrow that there will be a lot of seen and unseen happenings out there.

Streaks of glory
Fantail moon

Keep your EYE open, trust me.

Public Endorsement of Livity: Cheapside Market

Hi there! Most of you may know of this place already, but I’m reminding you of it – Cheapside Market; found in the depths of Bridgetown on Cheapside Road just before the General Post office if you’re commuting from inside town.

Map showing location of Cheapside
Map showing location of Cheapside

I am a strong and avid believer and promoter of the prosperity of people and we can’t have that unless you start at the foundation; the basic need for human survival – Food. That being said, I’m just promoting a place where you can go and purchase good, wholesome, honest grown ground food/ ital. Here you can find varieties of all kinds of ground foods:- herbs, spices, starches, fruits etc. Go and take a look, you’ll be surprised at the quality of food you can find here instead of supporting these rich, corporate-owned supermarkets which prefer to supply us the people with imported goods that aren’t necessarily as rich in nutrients BUT the presentation is usually portrayed to be better._MG_1746-Edit

Below, I’m publicly announcing my endorsement of a place where you can eat some of the best ital food in Bridgetown or possibly Barbados: Roots Reggae Vegetarian Cafe. If you’re looking for a fancy place then look elsewhere. Humble people living and providing humbly made foods is what you find here.

Roots Reggae Vegetarian Cafe
Roots Reggae Vegetarian Cafe

You get a medium sized container with a mixture or your choice of all their cooked ital provisions for $10 or a large container for $13 (prices obviously subject to changing).Roots Reggae Vegetarian Cafe

Ital is Vital
Ital is Vital

As a person who is rather picky with what they consume, trust that when I buy a large crate even though it could serve me twice or three times throughout the day; when times become drastic, I may find myself consuming the entire crate over a short period of time.

So go and check out Roots Reggae Vegetarian Cafe if you’re in town or looking for great tasting ital food and enjoy!

South Coast Collection

Hey there! This may be unofficially my first collection of photos following a specific theme or based in a central area. It is focused on the landscape, people and the daily activities that take place on these South Coast Beaches of Barbados: Browne’s (Carlisle Bay), Pebble’s, Hilton, & Drill Hall.
I chose to show this set of photos first though I have others before these from 2014 and this year (2015), but it’s this unintentional project that allowed me to redefine my style & better the film and high contrast/range film looks that always appealed to me. Slightly gritty and full of detail; shot with a Canon T1i (500D) and Canon 60D. These photos really opened me as well to the level of detail I can literally drag out of my raw files when recreating an analogue look for the shots I create.

Here is the first set to be released! More to come soon!