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Notice from Darren Williams! See here!

Hey there! I know most of you probably have or haven’t forgotten the fact that I do photography by now. I did “fall off the radar” so to say, and for various reasons: including the fact that I no longer held an interest in shooting many of the same subjects that other photographers in the island of Barbados shoot. I also felt the need to redefine my style to reflect the true spirit from within; when I either create a scene or decide it is worth capturing. It was indeed a lengthy process and I have recently returned to creating: not only photography but also anything that comes from the soul.
The last 7 months from November 2014 till the beginning of June 2015, I have been working tirelessly and sometimes almost totally charitable in means of improving a product, brand and vision that I believe is ready to come to light and public. In the next few days I will release another post highlighting some of what has been worked on tirelessly on some days; Irie Edibles – Vegan/ Vegetarian Foods.
If the thought has crossed your mind thinking, “wait, what the heck!? Who qualified me as a baker!” and I’ll answer your question; No one. My style is self-taught and my previous knowledge of traditional baking mostly went out the window. Most of my recipes are made from scratch; with few using recipes found online/ in books as mere reference to create my own original recipe.
To view more information on Irie Edibles click – HERE.
I am working physically and mentally to complete the price-list and update all my recipes to my current standards as well as editing photos from 2014 that haven’t been released as yet due to not having the better processing power and I’ll keep you updated in the next week or so on all of these works.
Oh yeah… please excuse the lack of chronological order in which some of these sets of photos are posted as I am uploading them in order of which they are edited.