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Environmental Portraitures

Sunset Soccer Silhouette (October 2015)

When your instincts/spirit speaks to you, trust and follow.
I was on my way down to Browne’s Beach that evening just for some of that fresh sea air and upon reaching the bottom of Beckles Road lo and behold the sun was huge and about to sit on the horizon. Obviously, as I left home unequipped, this was the shot I missed. Upon receiving that word of advice from my spirit, I took a U-turn on the main road and bolted back home for my camera.
By the time came when I returned the sun was already sitting on the horizon and it wasn’t as amazing as I thought it would’ve been on its own.
Luckily for me that day was a Sunday and the guys on the beach had their usual game of “keep ups” (If you don’t know this is just one or a group of individuals juggling the ball w/ the notion of keeping it off the ground and at the same time it displays the ball handling (control) skill of the players).
It was almost as though the sun aligned itself with these guys for me…


Starry Night

So a random trip to an empty area is St. James where there are no interruptions, little sky pollution and absolute quiet produced these…

Milky way Square Format
Milky way Square Format

This one below was a bit challenging as I thought the range of my built in wireless flash would reach the range to fire off my 430ex II from that distance. What a misconception I had. So I had my friend did this instead with my 10 sec open shutter.

Milky Way Lanscape Fun
Milky Way Landscape Fun

And pushing the 60D for the first time to ISO 3200 still gave me satisfying results in capturing this section of the milky way sky at 18mm w/ the Canon 18-55mm IS ( First version ). Not bad for a lousy kit lens and a 5 year old camera body technologically speaking.

Milky Way Sky
Milky Way Sky

South Coast Collection

Hey there! This may be unofficially my first collection of photos following a specific theme or based in a central area. It is focused on the landscape, people and the daily activities that take place on these South Coast Beaches of Barbados: Browne’s (Carlisle Bay), Pebble’s, Hilton, & Drill Hall.
I chose to show this set of photos first though I have others before these from 2014 and this year (2015), but it’s this unintentional project that allowed me to redefine my style & better the film and high contrast/range film looks that always appealed to me. Slightly gritty and full of detail; shot with a Canon T1i (500D) and Canon 60D. These photos really opened me as well to the level of detail I can literally drag out of my raw files when recreating an analogue look for the shots I create.

Here is the first set to be released! More to come soon!

Oistins Fish Festival

I’m not one for crowds but this time around out of selflessness, I found myself in the midst of this traditional Barbadian event with a sister looking for house plants. I know right! Anyway, I’m not too big on traditional events and happenings but I managed to get close up of the “Grease Pole Climb”. If there was and/or is a correct name for it can someone please inform me?

The objective is to simply climb a greased pole that was lubricated with what it seemed to be old boat oil, to the top to collect the “flag” stuffed in the top. What I must say about this event is that it was poorly organised and happened at a time when people were more focused on other activities, so if it does hold any significance to the Barbadian community, what is it?_MG_0135 _MG_0138-Edit _MG_0156The other disappointment about the happening, it was over soon after it started, as the climb seemed to be of little challenge to the guys (they were no teams, so I don’t see the competition here)._MG_0150-Edit