Subtle Surprises

Sometimes the greatest opportunities are right outside of your door. Literally.
Between my nearby surroundings and my own backyard, I’ve recognised the subtle opportunities that give you so little time to work with that you cherish these opportunities though they are right under your nose.
Almost every morning these wild parrots fly over the area, beautiful and majestic (and also very loud)._MG_2866-Edit These birds do not fly low to land and the opportunity to even get a good shot of them is so limited sometimes, but one morning I believe they waited on me to take as many shots as I wanted, and then immediately flew away when I thought to myself “I have the shot”. 


Watching nature like this just makes you want to forget the world sometimes…

Then yesterday, about to shower outside (yes I have an outside shower) and observing the abundance of life that lives in the sugar apple tree in the corner of the yard, I saw a ripening sugar apple that looked ready for the picking.
I ran inside to get my camera quick as I recognised that there’s another nest high in the tree; also near to the apple.
But why not leave it to ripen a bit more since it’s my tree?


These guys LOVE the sugar apples. He came back as soon as I got back outside with my camera, just seeming to bait the same sugar apple I had my eye on. Seems nature around me is picking up on my vibrations.
This guy looked down at me from the branch and well…


The rest is history.
He dug right in.
I hope he enjoyed it more than I would’ve!

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