Oistins Fish Festival

I’m not one for crowds but this time around out of selflessness, I found myself in the midst of this traditional Barbadian event with a sister looking for house plants. I know right! Anyway, I’m not too big on traditional events and happenings but I managed to get close up of the “Grease Pole Climb”. If there was and/or is a correct name for it can someone please inform me?

The objective is to simply climb a greased pole that was lubricated with what it seemed to be old boat oil, to the top to collect the “flag” stuffed in the top. What I must say about this event is that it was poorly organised and happened at a time when people were more focused on other activities, so if it does hold any significance to the Barbadian community, what is it?_MG_0135 _MG_0138-Edit _MG_0156The other disappointment about the happening, it was over soon after it started, as the climb seemed to be of little challenge to the guys (they were no teams, so I don’t see the competition here)._MG_0150-Edit


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