Public Endorsement of Livity: Cheapside Market

Hi there! Most of you may know of this place already, but I’m reminding you of it – Cheapside Market; found in the depths of Bridgetown on Cheapside Road just before the General Post office if you’re commuting from inside town.

Map showing location of Cheapside
Map showing location of Cheapside

I am a strong and avid believer and promoter of the prosperity of people and we can’t have that unless you start at the foundation; the basic need for human survival – Food. That being said, I’m just promoting a place where you can go and purchase good, wholesome, honest grown ground food/ ital. Here you can find varieties of all kinds of ground foods:- herbs, spices, starches, fruits etc. Go and take a look, you’ll be surprised at the quality of food you can find here instead of supporting these rich, corporate-owned supermarkets which prefer to supply us the people with imported goods that aren’t necessarily as rich in nutrients BUT the presentation is usually portrayed to be better._MG_1746-Edit

Below, I’m publicly announcing my endorsement of a place where you can eat some of the best ital food in Bridgetown or possibly Barbados: Roots Reggae Vegetarian Cafe. If you’re looking for a fancy place then look elsewhere. Humble people living and providing humbly made foods is what you find here.

Roots Reggae Vegetarian Cafe
Roots Reggae Vegetarian Cafe

You get a medium sized container with a mixture or your choice of all their cooked ital provisions for $10 or a large container for $13 (prices obviously subject to changing).Roots Reggae Vegetarian Cafe

Ital is Vital
Ital is Vital

As a person who is rather picky with what they consume, trust that when I buy a large crate even though it could serve me twice or three times throughout the day; when times become drastic, I may find myself consuming the entire crate over a short period of time.

So go and check out Roots Reggae Vegetarian Cafe if you’re in town or looking for great tasting ital food and enjoy!

South Coast Collection

Hey there! This may be unofficially my first collection of photos following a specific theme or based in a central area. It is focused on the landscape, people and the daily activities that take place on these South Coast Beaches of Barbados: Browne’s (Carlisle Bay), Pebble’s, Hilton, & Drill Hall.
I chose to show this set of photos first though I have others before these from 2014 and this year (2015), but it’s this unintentional project that allowed me to redefine my style & better the film and high contrast/range film looks that always appealed to me. Slightly gritty and full of detail; shot with a Canon T1i (500D) and Canon 60D. These photos really opened me as well to the level of detail I can literally drag out of my raw files when recreating an analogue look for the shots I create.

Here is the first set to be released! More to come soon!

Celestial Event : Blood Moon – April 15, 2014

Blood Moon is sometimes used to describe a Total Lunar Eclipse. When the Earth casts its shadow on a Full Moon and eclipses it, the Moon may get a red glow.

Lunar Tetrad

Total lunar eclipses are rare – only about one in three lunar eclipses are total. About four to five total eclipses can be seen at any place on Earth in a decade.

Lunar eclipses usually do not occur in any specific order. However, every once in a while, four total lunar eclipses happen in a row. This is called a lunar tetrad. The total lunar eclipses happen 6 months apart. There are at least six full Moons between two total lunar eclipses in a tetrad.

(Excerpt from

Hmm, so a rare celestial event, that most of us probably have never seen in our lifetimes; happening at a time where I have full opportunity to witness such an event but also capture it.

This eclipse is the first in the series of the lunar tetrad, which occurred on April 15th, 2014 and started at 00:53 and ended at 6:37, although by that time it was already below the horizon so for those of us in Barbados it really “ended” around 5:33 (according to It indeed was roughly around that time when I started and finished shooting; sitting down on a concrete block for hours with a cup of coffee on the ground just shooting away and adjusting my camera in manual mode and the tripod every hour or so. After hours of post processing (this time last year when I did the actual processing I was working on an old Dell Studio laptop circa 2009) and it was about to croak from the loading and compositing of those files. After more than 3 painful hours of merging, processing and compositing I believe I had my masterpiece.

Any of you recognize the pattern/geometry used in this composite? 🙂

IMG_0377 entire eclipse

And here’s an extra that I found with one of the planets being highly visible that morning to the far right shown below. This was a 6 sec exposure with taken at ISO 1600, f/5.6 at 70mm.

Oistins Fish Festival

I’m not one for crowds but this time around out of selflessness, I found myself in the midst of this traditional Barbadian event with a sister looking for house plants. I know right! Anyway, I’m not too big on traditional events and happenings but I managed to get close up of the “Grease Pole Climb”. If there was and/or is a correct name for it can someone please inform me?

The objective is to simply climb a greased pole that was lubricated with what it seemed to be old boat oil, to the top to collect the “flag” stuffed in the top. What I must say about this event is that it was poorly organised and happened at a time when people were more focused on other activities, so if it does hold any significance to the Barbadian community, what is it?_MG_0135 _MG_0138-Edit _MG_0156The other disappointment about the happening, it was over soon after it started, as the climb seemed to be of little challenge to the guys (they were no teams, so I don’t see the competition here)._MG_0150-Edit

Notice from Darren Williams! See here!

Hey there! I know most of you probably have or haven’t forgotten the fact that I do photography by now. I did “fall off the radar” so to say, and for various reasons: including the fact that I no longer held an interest in shooting many of the same subjects that other photographers in the island of Barbados shoot. I also felt the need to redefine my style to reflect the true spirit from within; when I either create a scene or decide it is worth capturing. It was indeed a lengthy process and I have recently returned to creating: not only photography but also anything that comes from the soul.
The last 7 months from November 2014 till the beginning of June 2015, I have been working tirelessly and sometimes almost totally charitable in means of improving a product, brand and vision that I believe is ready to come to light and public. In the next few days I will release another post highlighting some of what has been worked on tirelessly on some days; Irie Edibles – Vegan/ Vegetarian Foods.
If the thought has crossed your mind thinking, “wait, what the heck!? Who qualified me as a baker!” and I’ll answer your question; No one. My style is self-taught and my previous knowledge of traditional baking mostly went out the window. Most of my recipes are made from scratch; with few using recipes found online/ in books as mere reference to create my own original recipe.
To view more information on Irie Edibles click – HERE.
I am working physically and mentally to complete the price-list and update all my recipes to my current standards as well as editing photos from 2014 that haven’t been released as yet due to not having the better processing power and I’ll keep you updated in the next week or so on all of these works.
Oh yeah… please excuse the lack of chronological order in which some of these sets of photos are posted as I am uploading them in order of which they are edited.