It’s been a long time, and it’s about time. Say hello to Tahirah.

It’s been a while since anyone have heard of a photographer by the name of Darren Williams. This first post is a reintroduction to who I am and what I do.

I’ll start by saying I had no concrete plans in my head when we made plans to do a shoot and it was very last minute, so I did what comes naturally; get people to open up and use the camera as my tool to capture my perspective.

Here’s the first one to shake off the rust.

Beauty in it's simplest form
Beauty in it’s simplest form

It’s really good to go somewhere and just relax, breathe, open up and enjoy everything around you. For both Tahirah and I, it was a real opportunity for us to enjoy the beach, and also enjoy making something beautiful from what’s available. The cloudy weather really lent a hand by providing me with some gorgeous soft light & also see a side of my friend who I chose to work with because she’s not a model. It makes me have to work harder to make sure she looks the best she can and that she’s comfortable with what she’s doing.

Beauty in blue everywhere
Beauty in blue everywhere

And very soon we got settled in and comfortable. It’s easier to get shots like this when you can open up with a person and get them to let their guard down without looking posed or fake.

Cliche shot? I call it doing justice.
Cliche shot? I call it doing justice.
2014's vintage in colour
2014’s vintage in colour


Even though the rain did delay us from the beginning, the weather totally lent to the atmosphere of expressing her personality and she strut all up and down the jetty making sure we “milk” everything till we felt like we could move on from this landmark.

Being at the beach who could resist going in the water when you start to have fun? Oh, I got more than I expected when she did! I thought my job was hard, but getting splashed in cold sea water causes you to react in a way that can’t be posed.

You could caption this one audience. No need to do it myself.

Not sorry Tahirah, I knew you’d love it after the fact, it was instinct to take moments like these that we can’t practice for 🙂 .

Glow on the shore.

I honestly felt like this shot was “IT!” in the back of my mind because at this point we had already spent an over an hour due to rain halting our shoot, but neither of us felt like it was finished so we left that side of the beach and took a walk.

Embrace everything around you and beauty can be found in anything.
Embrace everything around you and beauty can be found in anything.

And upon leaving that side of the beach, I believe we got another gem. 

Seaside smiles
Seaside smiles
Vintage in colour
Vintage in colour

Here’s where we switched it up and decided that these can be anything, and anything right then was us relaxing after spending so much time on pebbles beach. A little sassiness lent well to end off a shoot that ultimately got rained out due to unpredictable weather. And it was worth every drop of rain that I got soaked with from the skies in the end!


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